Monday, 19 May 2014

Ejercicios 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 y 10 de Tecnología 2º E.S.O.

4. In a word document with moderate margins, orange sheet colour, emphasis 6, brightness 40%, write the following equations:

a. Volume of a cylinder:

b. Resolution of equation of second degree (general formula):

c. Equation: :

d. Calculate an average: 

e. Resolve:

5.       Look for a photo on internet, save it on your pen dirve and copy it as many times as appears in the document you received, using the same background, text and colours.

6.    Create a cover page using a WordArt, style 15, and write a following text “Links to technology”,  using the dark blue,  text 2, brightness 40%, with black shape outline  text 1, concave shape with shadow effect, style 9 and effect  3D 9 .

7.  Copy the following text in spanish and use the letter type Century Gothic , size 14:
(1)    Sciences
(a)    Natural Science
(b)   Mathematics
(2)   Letters
(a)    Language
(b)   Geography and History
(c)    Foreign languages
(i)      French
(ii)    English

Copy this text 3 times. In the first copy change text to capital letters, in the second copy to small letters and
in the third copy in bold text, double underline it and change to colour red 100, green 16 and blue 15. Write in the header "Science"  and in the footer "Your name and surname".

8. Make a clustered cylinder graph, with different colors of each column and name it “Population number of capitals in the world” and with the table of the world’s capitals and number of inhabitants.

9. Make a line graph with markers and name it “Height of world’s capitals” and the table with the capitals of the world and its height. Put the background in degraded colours.

10. Make a copy of the scheme that we have in the class with the same data and colors.

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